Time Date boxes


Would be great if withing Scheduled Player if you could add multiable time or date boxes with different time zones
What i am after is a screen showing to clocks either digital or analog that are on different time zones.


I think what would be cool here is to have a few variables that can be used/assigned. There can be some “system” level variables, as well as potential for other variables, possibly added by plugins added to scheduled player, or even just manually entered. Possibly some functions as well, which would serve your purpose, call a “format_time” function with a timezone offset passed, and a time() call.


Hm. Interesting idea. Although that seems a bit like an almost programming level type of feature. It would also complicate things as users that don’t want this feature suddenly have to be aware and must avoid accidentally triggering the dynamic evaluation (If it’s something like The time is $(time) or similar). Also, info-beamer is already fully programmable, so that seems a bit redundant. I can release the source code for the “Scheduled Player” and you could probably such a feature in a fork of the code.


Be nice if the feature could be added as a asset


This is what i was trying to achieve. Currently the time boxes are images which update every minute but always a few minutes out by the time the are downloaded


I would appreciate if you can release the source. I saw a few things (besides this) that I’d like to submit change requests for. One of them,(as an example) the weather widget has Thursday twice, and no Tuesday.


Wait, really? That’s embarrassing. I’ll try to release the source this week.


Fixed the Day fubar in beta15. Let me know if that fixes it.


Looks like everything’s working on the weather applet. Any luck w/ the source code publishing? I had some ideas to try out. Also, any chance of allowing a MP3 file for background audio?


Any work been do on having time and date boxes?

many thanks