GPS Location based playlist switching


We use a mobile display, would it be possible to switch playlists based on a current GPS location?

I was thinking of something like a geo-fencing system, that detected where the Pi was positioned, and upon entering or leaving a particular location, the playlist would be changed to a pre-determined playlist that matched the location zone.


I’ve done a proof of concept earlier this year. The configuration interface is a bit clunky but it works. It wouldn’t be too difficult to build a proper UI with a map and easier playlist management.

For the demo, an outside server was used running gpsd. Alternatively you could also configure the IP of a router that provided GPS coordinates. Doing everything purely on the Pi is probably possible as well. The main challenge there would be to find a GPS device that just works without complicated drivers or complex user land setup required. I don’t have any experience with that.

Here’s the UI:


looks promising.

I was looking at tracking solutions for vehicles, and wondered if using one of their API’s would make this easier?


As long as you have any source of location that can be programmatically queried, it’s actually a pretty easy task. Using a package service fetches the location, the Lua code shows the appropriate content.