Sorting and filtering of devices

Would it be possible to implement sorting on the different columns in the device overview? I would be nice to be able to sort all devices by serial, maintenance or online status, location or setup.

Maybe a filter so it would be possible to show only online devices.

I have previously spoken to Florian about this, the device list is sorted by location name alphabetically, so we have just given any testing devices a prefix of ‘X’ to move them to the bottom of the list.

A folder structure would be nice, so we can group devices into folder views and expand if needed.

The one great thing about the current layout, is that we can see at a glance, any devices that are pink/offline.

My problem is that I sometimes need to find a specific device. I’m using location already, but I do not always know what location the device is located at.
At the moment I have 46 devices (mostly offline), but I*m expecting this to raise to several hundred this year - thats why I need a better sorting/filtering.