Resetting WiFi setting

Your workflow sounds good. Although I see how the workflow might be fragile with the “remove power before the device registers itself again” step.

Thanks for describing the current workflow. In that case the device shows the cached content, so the welcome screen isn’t visible. Only the icon is (or isn’t in your case).

I see two immediate ways to improve this:

  • I could provide a /config setting for icon placement. So that you can configure it in a way that the icon is visible on your hardware

  • If you run custom info-beamer lua code as your content, you could react to the WiFi UI being shown. The info-beamer OS will send the Lua code an event when entering/exiting WiFi UI mode:

    local wifi_name = ""
        ["sys/wifi_name"] = function(name)
            -- `name` will be wifi's name. So most likely
            -- "info-beamer config (SERIAL)". It will be set to
            -- an empty string when the WiFi is disabled again. 
            wifi_name = name
    -- in the rendering code:
    if #wifi_name > 0 then
        -- render wifi_name somewhere on the screen.
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I would love to getting a setting in /config :smiley:

Will do, but it’ll be in testing first and earliest end of next week. I’ll get back to you.

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