Remotely editing userconfig.txt


Is there any provision in hosted infobeamer to remotely edit the userconfig.txt?

I need to apply HVS rotation to a video signal since packages I’m using don’t support rotation, and I don’t have direct access to the pi.



Direct editing is not possible, although that’s something that might be added. The main reason editing isn’t supported at the moment is that it is possible to create a completely broken configuration using userconfig.txt and there’s no way to recover from that remotely. All other configuration options are save in that regard.

If you want to edit anyway, the only way right now is to use the ib-shell tool. Then run

$ export API_KEY=<api key>
$ ib-shell --root <device_id>

to get a shell on the device. You can then edit the userconfig.txt in /sd/config. So like this:

mount /sd -o remount,rw # the SD is mounted readonly by default
vi /sd/config/userconfig.txt
mount /sd -o remount,ro

Support can do that for you, if you don’t want to do that on your own.

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Fantastic, you’ve just saved me an embarrassingly upside-down display!

Much appreciated.