Raspberry Pi Zero W Performance


I’ve been running info-beamer hosted on Raspberry Pi 3 B+'s for a while now with no performance issues. I want to switch over to using Raspberry Pi Zero W’s (because of the small form factor and price point).

Does info-beamer perform without any degraded performance on this less powerful device?


For everything except maybe the full screen browser, the Pi 0 is good enough. The GPU is equally powerful, so videos work exactly the same. The only problem with the Pi 0 is that it’s really difficult to purchase more than one.


You can actually buy batches now direct from the Foundation - not cost saving but they will sell you 20 or 50 off etc (or at least they offered me that!!_


Neat. I think I read somewhere that the Zeros then get more expensive the more you purchase or something? IIRC that was to counteract the fact that the 5€/USD price is basically the cost of the hardware or even below that and was only meant to get the Pi affordable for hobby only projects and not for commercially rolling out hundreds of them.


The pricing I have is probably supposed to be confidential, but at most it was a pound or two over the best online one off pricing - certainly not enough to NOT use a zero where it is sufficient. It wasn’t hard to get pricing,i just emailed the foundation with our requirements.