Raspberry Pi Cases with Active Cooling


I’ve been trying various cases to use with the Pi, as obviously overheating is a concern for reliability and operation, I’ve seen great results from even some pretty cheap cases, it’s amazing the difference a tiny heatsink and fan can make :slight_smile:

This one has a real professional build quality, as it’s all metal ( although no good if using on-board wifi )

And this one provides excellent cooling too:

The fan is a bit annoying if used in a very quiet location, but it’s not too bad.


Thanks for the links.

I wonder if overheating really happens under normal conditions? From what I’ve observed so far, most Pis are well below 70°C and basically never above 85°C, which is the limit at which the Pi throttles itself down. Do you see temperatures well above 70°C in your installations?


I had a pi that was reading just over 70°C, however, this was mostly due to the location of the device, which was on the dashboard on a sunny day, with no cooling!

It has since been repositioned, but as it still operates in the cab of a vehicle, I was concerned that the hotter months of the year could cause issues.

And even a cheap case with heatsinks and a small fan has a considerable benefit, reducing the temps by 15 or 20 degrees, I think it’s worth the small extra cost.

Here’s a great youtube video of Pi cooling: