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First, I’d like to introduce myself quickly.
I work as an IT manager in a smaller production company in Switzerland.

I saw this software for the first time at a Chaos congress. As we are looking for an Infoscreen solution, I took a closer look at InfoBeamer…

And I like what I see.

But I wonder if there is the possibility to control the content from the info beamer, by several users, possible also with several rolls.

In our case, the IT department would manage the equipment and the HR department, as well as our reception would maintain the content.

I can also share the access data to the account. But I find it unsightly.




+1 for this feature, would be very handy for our Company, instead of sharing the same login.


Yes. This is being worked on. Here’s a sneak peek of what some of the UI currently looks like. It’s probably going to be clean up a bit before release:

The basic idea is that an account owner can invite other users to their account while setting permissions for the invited users. Once an invite is accepted, the invited user has the option to switch between accessible accounts. So they still have their own account, but can switch to other accounts they have been invited to.

ACLs will allow fine grained permissions on all entities and actions within an account.

You can also invite yourself to your account, to get additional API keys. This allows you to create limited keys that (for example) only allow the caller to access the account information API call to see how much credits you still have for something like an automated check.

No ETA yet, but specific user cases might be interesting to know.


I have one wish regarding the invitation. So that I don’t have to list you in my collection of data processors (GDPR and stuff like that).

Would it be possible to create an invitation token with which someone can register themselves?
As soon as he has registered, I could unlock him for access. (in case someone guessed his token and tries to get access - recognizable by a mail address unknown to me)


I’m not a lawyer, but how would that make a difference? The end result is the same: Both (inviting account and invitee) see each others email address once confirmed. I’m all for making the service as privacy respecting as possible, but I don’t fully see how your suggestion would help here. I probably don’t fully understand what you’re suggesting.

Right now the flow would be like this:

  • A and B have an info-beamer account
  • A enters B’s email address in ‘invite box’.
  • B sees the invite and either accepts or rejects it

At any point, A or B can revoke/cancel the access. How would you suggest this works?


yes, that should work… i was probably with my mind at another service provider where you could only create accounts with an invitation.


Ah. Ok. You’ll never need an invitation to use :slight_smile:

I’ll keep this topic updated if there’s more to see/test.

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When this will be available ?


When its done. There’s still no ETA.