Can I Run a webpage directly?


I have a webpage, which I would like to display on screen, is it possible?


Yes. That’s possible. You have two options:

Using the scheduled player

The scheduled player package can show web content. Import it, and create a new setup based on it. Then add a new page to a playlist:

You’ll get a new empty page. You can add other content here, but for web content, select Plugin, then the Browser plugin:

In the preview screen you can resize the browser content (by default it’s fullscreen). Below you see the settings. Enter a url that you want to show.

The fullscreen browser package

You can install this fullscreen browser package. Just follow the link and import it into your account. It starts a chromium in fullscreen mode and allows you to cycle through a list of urls:

Let me know if you have further questions.

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Thanks for your swift response. Much appreciated.